Wanna Be a Speaker?

12 Apr
I want to be a speaker

I want to be a speaker

I get a lot of letters like the one above. Here is my reply to this one:

Hi Stephanie,

Nice to meet you. I wish I had a LONG time to sit and chat one-on-one, but God has not so ordered my life!! (Heaven will be good!!)

I think 1) you should pursue what is in your heart 2) you should ignore thoughts that minimize YOUR value, because God only has ONE Stephanie Sorrels* in the entire universe… others have their own stories, but only you have HIStory about you.

This might sound self-serving, but actually it’s the best I can offer you: a) join the club, b) go through the training segments for speakers and authors — vision mission training, how to set parameters, how to tell a God-honoring story, etc. c) if you want to speak, register your availability d) when you get references, add a full page profile (which is part of the membership).

I hope this helps. It’s a big world… sometimes we just need a place to start… a place to “get focused” about why we are here and what’s next.

Blessings, my dear!

*The speaker’s name was changed.


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