How Do YOU Decide if You’re the Right Person?

4 Mar

I had 2 conversations yesterday which inspired this particular blog post:

—– #1  My radio talk show guest, Dale Furtwengler, shared the questions he advises using when you are unsure of whether to take one opportunity over another.  You would ask yourself

1) Does this opportunity allow me to achieve my goals?2) Does it provide enough income to help me meet my familial responsibilities?

3) How many people does it allow me to serve?

4) What is the likelihood this opportunity or one like it will be available to me in the future?

—– #2 Later in the day, I responded to an email from a potential radio talk show guest who was not sure that her field of expertise was a perfect match for the show. I replied with this letter:

1) Ummm… it is GOOD for you to have to figure this out! God is preparing you here, not just for me, but for His future for you. So, keep working it over until you either a) find the match point or b) find that it is not a proper fit and have peace to pass it by for the best fit.

2) If it helps, ask yourself: “What is it that I do well that others are often asking me, ‘How do you do that?'” If there is a “how to” like that, it might be a good place to start poking around for a topic idea.

—– My Take. Being on a talk show, taking a certain job or accepting a speaking engagement are all non-issues. The bottom line is: Is this a match? The fit between you, the host/employer and the audience/customers needs to be right or all of you will feel like you’re walking with a pebble in your shoe… and who likes that?!


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