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18 Dec
Have you ever noticed that the best speech stories come from your own life experiences? Take yesterday for example: Yesterday I gave a presentation that had been planned for three months, on how public speakers can avoid scams and jams. So, it did not surprise me that on Monday, my own son, Tim, experienced a debit card scam and that I woke up yesterday (speech story day) to find that my largest site, WomenSpeakers.com had been attacked again, for the 3rd time this year!

Two days before speaking to a flood-recovery group, and despite the fact that I had already survived a county-wide flood the year before, I experienced an additional, mini-flood in my basement as the sewer “spewed” refuse water all over my laundry room. I would never have CHOSEN it, but I admit that it did make for a more passionate speech.

crisis speech stories I have lived through fires, burglaries, car wrecks, tornadoes, death threats, ambulance rides, broken bones, surgeries and hospitalizations. I “happened” to be in NYC just days after 9/11 and I once opened my voice mail to hear this message: “Marnie, Your father is dead.” Click.

All of these horrific-to-live-through experiences could make a person bitter. In my case, they have enabled me to communicate with audiences at a far more profound level than I ever could have done without them. My speech stories cause deep introspection, new personal commitments and life-changing “ah ha” moments for my audiences.

I would NEVER pick them for myself… but the reality is that I didn’t pick them–they picked me. And now, as a speaker, they each make a great speech story that works to engage, encourage, and even entertain listeners — because a little laughter always helps the medicine go down.

Next time you go through something downright awful, think, “Speech Story!” And you don’t have to wait until you’re on a stage to share your speech stories. Tell everybody you meet.

If you need help making it good, go to Marnie.com and search, “Honoring God with Your Story” for the training segment on this topic.

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One Response to “Speech Story”

  1. Jackie Burner December 19, 2009 at 8:33 AM #

    I know what you are going through. Ever since I have stepped out to start our new women’s ministry it’s been one thing after another. On Tuesday December 1st the bank that I am a manager was robbed and a package was left that the robber said was a bomb. It was a calm day that turned into a storm. The Lord showed me through my devotions the next morning that we can be in a storm, but not have the storm inside of us. We can keep our peace. This is the peace that the world does not understand. I want so much peace in my life that when the storms hit the peace inside of me calms every situation around me. He also reminded me that I had prayed Psalm 91 over myself that day. God’s timing is everything. I will be praying for you!

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