Start Your Own Website Tonight

11 Dec
One of the speakers emailed in this question, “I want to develop a website that I can link to my listing at Unfortunately I am not good with technology and do not have financial resources to pay someone else to set it up for me. Help!”

The good news is that people who ARE tech savvy and DO have money are doing the least expensive thing possible: Starting a blog!

Find someone with just a little bit of website know-how to help you register and
forward a website URL. This is very basic; any teen could do it.

Next, follow these steps:

1. Buy the name you want. My blog URL is I have mine with, and can highly recommend
2. Open a free blog anywhere. I use and can recommend
3. Forward the name you own to the blog you started. You can see how this works by pasting into your browser: Watch how it turns into as it opens.

This simple tactic will enable you to create a website for only the cost of the URL (about $10/year).

One of my programmers told me that a blog, like the one you are reading, with all its free bells and whistles, is like having a website worth $10,000 at no cost to you.

By the way: You will be amazed at how fast your site grows from nothing to substantial. If you only added one post per week, you would have 52 unique entries after just one year!

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One Response to “Start Your Own Website Tonight”

  1. riverbend1 February 12, 2010 at 8:17 PM #

    I like your simple explanation of how to do a website using I started looking at wordpress after browsing how to sell our house. WordPress’s help is confusing, but your explanation is simple.

    Is your whole website built off your procedure? Can I download a video of my home with river flowing behind doing your website setup explanation/wordpress?


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