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11 Nov
Jan Faber of SuperSaas “Can you imagine life without email?” SuperSaas developer, Jan Faber goes on… “Now, imagine that in five years you will say something like, ‘What?!  I have to call, be put on hold and wait until a receptionist can HELP me schedule my appointment?’  We are not far from online scheduling as the norm.”


During this hour-long exploratory training, Jan joins us live from Amsterdam, the capital of The Netherlands.  You will learn why you’ve never thought of this and how come you want to take action now.

Listen in HERE.
Follow this link to SuperSaas.

The implementation of SuperSaas saved me from serious overload when I launched my radio talk show. At first, I was spending hours chasing down guests and then emailing back and forth until we nailed down the details.  It was a nightmare! The implementation of SuperSaas, and the use of 2-step system (download below), managing the show from a nightmare into a nice and easy, smooth-flowing system.   After using it for the radio show for a few months, we also adopted it for our retail store, as we host groups in the Espresso cafe, parties in the Glow-in-the-Dark Mini Golf Range, and have vendors and order deadlines on a regular basis. At the store alone, it has replaced two separate scheduling tools and two additional employee journals.

The show aired, Thursday, Nov 12th and is now available
for your convenience HERE or at Blog Talk Radio.

Needless to say, I am excited to introduce you to Jan and his amazing SuperSaas scheduling tool! And, Jan has agreed to let me be an affiliate, so if you try it out, a small portion of what you pay each month will go to help support this ministry. Go Jan!

Download the call notes for churches HERE.
Download the call notes for speakers HERE.

View the sample Two-Step Scheduling System for Marnie’s Friends Talk Show:
Step One: Show Guidelines.
Step Two: The “Approved Guest” Instruction Sheet.

Connect with Marnie at:


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