Another New WM!

30 Oct

Frequently I hear from gals around the world who have downloaded the Free Women’s Ministry Guide and are launching a new WM. I am going to share one of these emails today, because, not only is Jackie Burner gearing up to start a new WM, but she also sent along an autumn leaf analogy that is the cry of my heart.

Jackie Burner wrote: “Our Women’s Ministry is kicking off in January 2010. Our leadership team is meeting each month to pray, plan and prepare. I have a Women’s Ministry Blog page and am beginning to introduce my teammates each week. I’m so excited about this ministry and can’t wait until January. Your ministry is the greatest. I have gleaned so much….”

Thank you, Jackie! Here is Jackie’s beautiful fall analogy, entitled,
The Beauty of Unity

As I was driving to work yesterday, I noticed that one of my neighbors has the most beautiful assortment of trees in his yard. I didn’t notice them as much this summer when all the leaves were green, but now that the colors have changed they are gorgeous. The colors range from yellow, orange, red, burgundy and pink. In looking at all those colors there are some that I probably wouldn’t put together to decorate my home or wear together in clothing, but when I looked at his yard, it is breath taking. You don’t notice that the colors may clash. You see God’s beauty working together for our enjoyment.

As I drove by taking in all this beauty, God spoke to me and said “that is how it should be in the body of Christ.” I asked, “how is that Lord?” This is what He said. In the body of Christ we have different people. All have different personalities, colors and giftings. We sometimes don’t think they could work together either. I pondered this all the way to work. He was so right (like I would ever think He was wrong).

In the church we do have many different people and sometimes we decide (you notice I said we) that we don’t want to work with that person because of personality differences or their likes are not what we like. They don’t agree with everything we say. They are just different, they don’t fit in. Do you realize that kind thinking is an insult to God. He created all of us. He does not create trash. No one person is any better in God’s eyes. In Genesis 1: 31, God looked at everything He had created including man and said it is very good (suitable, pleasant) and approved it completely. Did that mean some of the things He created? No, it was everything He created.

It’s time that the body of Christ gets a grip! We need every personality; every color and every gifting that people bring to our churches. Is everyone going to do everything the way you think it should be done? Absolutely not! If they did, that would mean they would all be like you! Wouldn’t that be boring? All these people working together makes a breath taking, beautiful church, just like my neighbors yard: A church that is doing what God has called it to do; a church that is winning souls and reaching out to hurting people; a church that is not all about me. What about me? A church that says, “What can I do for someone else?”

by Jackie Burner, Director of Women’s Ministry

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