Is God My Friend?

25 Oct

OK, girls! I must have struck a nerve when I addressed this topic in my Marnie Minute note last week.  I received so much feedback!  Thanks… thought I’d better share it here.

WM leader, Joyce, sent me this email:

“What is the difference between viewing God as a friend and viewing ourselves as friends of God?”

That is a GREAT question! Here are my thoughts:

When my children were small, they would experimentally call me “Marnie” instead of “Mom.” I would always say the same thing, “You can call me Marnie, but everybody does that. There are only three people in the WHOLE world who can call me “Mom” – and I LOVE to hear you say it!”

We, like Abraham, have the opportunity to be the friend of God by being available, willing and ready to say “yes” to His requests. And as well as being God’s friend, we are His children.

My earthly father, Kenneth Mehlhaff, was a dear friend to me, but I never called him that… never. I always called him “Dad” or “Daddy” — because he was the only human in the world that could have THAT NAME for me.

I feel the same way with God: Of course, He is our friend. But He is so much more than that. In fact, I feel that calling Him “Friend” seems incredibly inferior to some of the other names and roles available for Him.

I hope this helps! I love you!

Here is a sample of the comments we received via email:

Yvonne from Sydney, NSW, Australia wrote… “I am so, so very pleased to see you ‘voice’ your stand on the issue of calling God ‘friend’. This has been a concern and weight on my heart for some time… Thank you for your courage in publicly ‘placing’ our God, Lord and Master in His Kingly position of honor, while I sit at His feet, praise, worship and at times, just be still in His presence.
May the Lord continue to bless you and your family, give you wisdom, courage, creativity and strength to continue using the gifts and talents He has blessed you with to guide and teach others.”

Carol wrote… “Loved your note – it brought tears to my eyes. It is so like our God to show us just what we need to know…when we need it. His Timing is perfect. Thanks for your obedience and honesty. It touches many always.”

Post your thoughts below or, better yet, link to this page from your favorite social networking site. Thanks for helping me turn thoughts toward Jesus!

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