Members Get It ALL!

19 Oct

HELP! The Club seems to be a much better deal than our members understand because we keep needing to send refund payments to gals who have already joined, but thought they had to purchase one of the resources separately. Members get it all!

Members Get It All!

Such a Deal!

Members Enjoy:

– All 10 eBooks plus the WM Survey & Retreat Budget Worksheet
– All 32 Event Theme Planning/Publicity Sets
– A full page speaker publicity profile
– Unlimited full page event publicity profiles
– All the training archives
– All the Daily Bites

If you are a member of the Leadership Development Club, you get 24/7/365 access to every online resource I offer. When you login, use the blue buttons on the right side to access all your membership benefits.  Note: The club includes 100% of the online resources, but does not include offline products such as CDs, paperback books and one-on-one coaching, which are sold separately.

Not a member? Join the Leadership Development Club today. Click here for details or connect with me socially at:


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