My 1st Facebook Birthday

6 Oct
Thank you all for making my birthday so wonderful! Whether you were here with me (my local family and friends), sent a card or package by mail or sent me messages online, I was SPOILED! Being new to Social Networking in 2009, I had no idea that my 1st birthday would be enhanced so dramatically because I’d become a member of online communities.

I feel so loved and encouraged. Thank you for taking time to make my birthday wonderful.

If you have ever wondered if you should add a simple birthday greeting on someone’s profile, I encourage you to do it! I used to think it was “cheesy” or sort of “lame” — since it only took a few moments. But now, after being the recipient of such lovely well-wishes from friends around the world, friends I’ve known since childhood, and friends who knew me when they were children and are now grown with families — well, all I can say is WOW and “Thank YOU!!”

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3 Responses to “My 1st Facebook Birthday”

  1. Denise :) October 7, 2009 at 12:05 PM #

    What a pretty cake! I’m so glad you had a happy birthday; it certainly seemed like your day was full!

    Your blog is nicely laid out — it’s crisp and clean looking — I like it!

    I’m glad you posted that comment on FB — I didn’t know you had a blog, too! Yay for finding you here!

    Have a super-great day!

    Denise 🙂

  2. Karen October 7, 2009 at 1:00 PM #


    Birthdays are fun aren’t they? Glad yours was a happy and joyful one! Friends can be a delightful thing whether they are far away or close by.

    And I like your blog. Well organized and good eye appeal. I am enjoying browsing through it.

    Mostly Marnie, I want to say thank you so very much. You give out to so many of us. We are learning new things and being challenged to step out into the unknown because of what you share with us. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. And go out there and have another great and fabulous day!!!


  3. Carolynn October 7, 2009 at 2:46 PM #

    I like the look and always have liked the content! you have great ideas to share and I am so very glad God put you in my path! He is so Good to us!

    Glad your birthday was happy! You were celebrated and that is what I think birthdays are really all about!

    Blessings, Carolynn

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