“Eat What You Love” says Dr. Michelle May

24 Sep

How do you decide whether or not to take that next bite? Do you keep eating until the food is gone? Maybe you base your intake on the behavior of those around you. Or, possibly you don’t have any reasonable way to determine when to stop eating… and you find that you are often eating too much.

This past summer God gifted me with the programs outlined at BetterThanaDiet.com. Finding myself still severely overweight (see photo), it took extreme courage to publish this information!

I am still personally learning about all of this, but I am content with where God has me now on the way to where He is taking me; and I am convinced, by faith, that Eating with God is His answer for millions of currently obese Americans. family

I acted by faith, not sight.

Then, last week, due to a set of circumstances that I could never have orchestrated, had I tried, I was able to meet Dr. Michelle May, to get her book, and to learn that it is just awesome!

She is a doctor, she is thin, she has helped others lose excess poundage, and she teaches concepts that encourage us as we learn to Eat with God.

I believe that the training included in Eating with Gratitude and Eating with God answer the question of “How?” we can eat with joy. But, if you are like me, I’ve had some “Why? When? What? How much? and Where?” questions, the answers to which a naturally thin person intuitively knows.

Dr. Michelle May’s book, Eat What You Love – Love What You Eat, is being released to bookstores right now. She has agreed to do an interview with me for Marnie’s Friends, but in the meantime, you can check out her book Eat What You Love – Love What You Eat.

While Eating with God is what I plan to be doing for the rest of my life, I am excited for the additional “non-diet” support provided by this newly released resource.

I encourage you to check out both Dr. May’s book, and, if you haven’t already joined us, sign up for America’s 31 Day Experiment. Eating should (and can) be a wonderful experience. So, let’s get going!


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