SANE Social Networking in 15 Minutes a Day

24 Aug

Social Networking Shortcuts for Busy Leaders

Social Networking Shortcuts for Busy Leaders

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SANE Social Networking
in 15 Minutes a Day

Social Networking in this sane and simple way is easy, enjoyable and remarkably effective. The $27 eBook is yours FREE today by requesting it at

Connect, Relax & Enjoy
The Benefits of Social Networking
in 15 Minutes a Day

Do you have an email box full of Social Networking(SN) invitations from family, friends, business associates or clients? Have you been deleting them, saving them or just hoping they’ll disappear? Are you pretty sure you are too practical for Facebook or too tired to Tweet?

I was never going to join Facebook or Twitter: I was just too busy.

But in December of 2008, I consented to my business coach’s advice and joined Twitter. Soon after, I joined Facebook, LinkedIn and others.

What would turn a super-busy skeptic into a Social Networking advocate? Amazing and enjoyable results! Combine those results with her natural gift of organization, which enabled her to “have it all” in 15-minutes-a-day, and you, too, will become a believer!

By adopting my simple, sane and super-easy approach to social networking, you will be able to:

  • Connect with family and friends in a new and meaningful way.
  • Share your favorite links, quotes, recipes, videos and photos in seconds.
  • Receive immediate feedback and suggestions about any new idea you have.
  • Update your entire group in less than 60 seconds, at no cost.
  • Replace expensive online ads (this is saving us thousands of dollars per year) and more.

SANE Social Networking is ideal for busy people who want to enjoy the benefits of SN but who don’t have the time or interest to become a Social Networking expert. (By the way, if you do have the time and interest, there are about 2,000 books on the topic now, so go for it!)

As you comprehend the simplicity of my daily routine, you will learn:

  • Which sites to join (and which to avoid)
  • How to safeguard yourself by knowing what you should/should not disclose online
  • Where the time-sink-holes are and how to avoid them
  • How to use your SN involvement to build website traffic, increase client interest and increase sales
  • How to synergize your blogs, articles, podcasts, videos, photos and more, and
  • All the shortcuts you need so you can do it all in less than 15 minutes a day.

If you have been avoiding Social Networking because you “don’t have time”, you need to read this eBook. If you have been steering clear for fear you’ll get addicted or embarrassed, this eBook will allow you to dive into the deep end, while enjoying the safety of wading in the kiddy pool.


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