A Different Kind of Church

4 Aug

A friend’s husband wrote this description of their United States church and I was so moved, I wanted to share it with you:

Imagine a church, if you, will that isn’t as nice or large as any of the churches we went to on our missions trips to in Mexico or the DR ( well except for that one tarpaper shack – but it’s close). One where the pastor is divorced and remarried. The sound guy is a homeless alcoholic. The chairman of the building committee would be homeless – except he lives in the kitchen of the church in exchange for managing the soup kitchen ministry. Half the church takes smoke breaks during service.

The bike rack is more full than the parking lot (that is if we had a parking lot – which we don’t so everyone parks at the bar across the street). An “usher” watches the bikes so the homeless guys don’t get their stuff stolen. One of the ladies shows up in Joan of Arc robes that she also uses to walk the streets of the city. And, the new youth pastor just showed up from Texas. God told him to come to our city. So he called and said he was coming down. We said, “sure come on”. Yes it is that wacky!!!! And we love it.

These people are so real it makes almost every other church we’ve ever seen look like a country club. Messy and painful but God is here so we are too.

Have a great day!


One Response to “A Different Kind of Church”

  1. Carolynn August 4, 2009 at 7:52 PM #

    This sounds like my sons church in Denver, CO. We just visited SCUM OF THE EARTH CHURCH (I Corinthians 4:11-13) and were blessed by them. God is working in their midst! You can check out their church at http://www.scum of the earth.net.

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