Eating with God

20 Jul
Have you ever asked yourself this question: “How can I, or for that matter, how can God, possibly be O.K. with this body?”

The eBook, “Eating with God: Experiencing Freedom One Bite at a Time,” is set for release in January of 2010 and I am SO excited about this project!

The daily devotionals are already published in the eBook, “Gasping for Grace,” the “365 Daily Bites,” are coming along (taste test a few below) and the rest of the project is falling into place.

The Manna Daily Bite MP3
The Birthday Party Daily Bite MP3
The Perum Daily Bite MP3

I just LOVE IT when God enables us to do something that is a) way bigger than our own abilities, b) way out of our comfort zone, and c) way powerful for furthering the Kingdom!

Join me in prayer for the “Eating with God” project whenever it comes to mind. And, stay tuned to the “Marnie Minute” for a chance to become a beta tester (meaning, you’d get the benefits and daily bites at no charge in exchange for your feedback).

God bless!


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