Marnie Meanderings

11 Jul
I am not sure anyone in the world is curious about my random thoughts, but, just at this moment, I feel like sharing a few of them. Read them and weap–or, at least, add me to your prayer list!

1) I am preparing myself mentally for the “outback/up north vacation” Dave has planned for us this coming week. I love him and WANT to have fun, so am casting away my desire to whine because the weather report says it will be 3 degrees and the cabin description is, well, you read it: “Cabins are constructed out of wood and give you the feeling of staying in the wilderness.”

My personality is much like Piglets: I usually find life pretty overwhelming.

I can really relate to Piglet: I usually find life pretty big, scary & overwhelming.

If only I was an outdoors girl!  Honestly, I thank God, I mean, like daily, that He let me get born at this time of history as I cannot even imagine myself as a pioneer woman!!  What I do know is that God is going to help me a) be nice, b) be content and c) have fun… just because He can!

2) I want to do another “customer service training” for our Soulutions and M & K staff. I am wondering if I should open it up to other local businesses as well? But, that’s just like me: I often find my mind taking something that would be fairly simple and making it far more complex (for me) — in an attempt to simplify things for others.

3) I am sitting at my computer typing ridiculously random thoughts while I could be, well, for example, cleaning up the mess in the storage closet where the entire top shelf, full of 7 years of tax records for our family and businesses, fell to the ground, spreading papers everywhere. But why do today what can be put off until tomorrow?

Ha! I wrote some more thoughts but deleted them all… I think both you and I should quit thinking about my thoughts and get something productive done with the day!

All my love!

PS – If you think I have self-confidence issues, you are right!  However, I am usually overly-self-confident and considering the facts is often a healthy endeavor.


3 Responses to “Marnie Meanderings”

  1. cherrilynn July 11, 2009 at 9:48 AM #

    Praying for you. Just think when you get back you can go get a pedi and a manni Don’t forget the massage. God will reveal Himself to you in might ways while you are there..this is my prayer

    • Marnie July 11, 2009 at 10:03 AM #

      Oh, gosh! That would ALSO be so unlike me–I would hate getting a pedi, manni or massage! Am I not just a weird person!? 😉 I do, however, really enjoy a hot shower, a comfy bed, zero bugs, sunshine and 70-80 degree temps. Is that so much to ask? (While true, I’m also teasing! God takes GOOD care of me!) Also, God often MEETS me in awesome ways while away… so I join you in that prayer!

  2. Julie July 11, 2009 at 10:27 AM #

    Marnie, you always encourage me. I sometimes need reminding that I have a great life, am blessed in so many ways, have opportunities that many people don’t, see beautiful things and people every day, and have God’s love and grace to sustain me through this crazy life! So why am I often such a whiner?

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