Here’s To Godly Girlfriends!

6 Jul

Today I want to honor all the godly girlfriends in the world!

And I want to mention one special girlfriend of mine: Happy Birthday, Jennifer Richert! Thank you for all you do to make my life on earth more enjoyable. I’m so glad you were born. You are a beautiful, godly woman and I love you!



One day I drove out to Jennifer’s home and asked her to crawl on top of my Tracker so I could take pictures of her for my “Soaring Faith” posters. She didn’t blink! She just said, “Let me quick change tops,” and off we went. We laughed and got some great photos.

Do you have a girlfriend who would do just about anything for you? Do you have a girlfriend who has given and given and given some more? A girlfriend who has poured her life into yours… and has been the very hand of God around your shoulder?

I have been blessed with so many girlfriends like this! My list of best buds is long and their feats of honor are impressive!

  • Like Nancy, who bravely drove her van across my front lawn and up to my front door to get me into it and to the clinic, where I was later taken by ambulance to the hospital.
  • Or Karen, who walked two miles in a blizzard to get to the grocery store and then to my house, so she could make me chicken noodle soup when I was early pregnant, sick and home alone for a weekend.
  • Vicki has frequently traveled 2,500 miles to be with me for up to three weeks at a time
  • And Laurie has literally tucked me into bed when I have been too exhausted to know I needed sleep.

I could go on forever, but this is a blog post, not a book, so I must stop (even though I truly want to mention them ALL).

My point is that my girlfriends have been the hand of God in my life repeatedly. If you don’t currently have a godly girlfriend, you need one! You need more than one! Having a friend who will encourage you, pray with you and turn your thoughts back toward Jesus in trying times is one of life’s greatest blessings!

I agree with you, in prayer right now, that God has such a woman prepared for you — and you for her. From this day forward, be on the lookout for your next “godly girlfriend!”

Have a great day in Jesus!

PS – Be sure to join us for Thursday’s Training with “Friends of the Heart” on “Marnie’s Friends, where we’ll be discussing, “How Girlfriends Can Help Grow Your Women’s Ministry.”


3 Responses to “Here’s To Godly Girlfriends!”

  1. Barbara Benton July 6, 2009 at 10:11 AM #

    I’ve had the same one for 18 years. Four years ago when we moved and were separated by 450 miles, we cried out eyes out. Four years later, we still talk every day, dream together, cry together, hope together, pray together. We see each other a few times per year because it is a priority for our lives. I have had so many women tell me they so long for friendship like this. I feel blessed!

  2. Ann Dunagan July 6, 2009 at 2:47 PM #

    Great post, Marnie!

    I’m very thankful for the godly girlfriends the Lord has brought into my life. It’s sad sometimes when, due to pressing in deeper with God and His ways, sometimes a special friend gets “pruned” out by the Lord, but He is always faithful to provide a friend when I need one. And if it’s a lonely time, I’m found that God is up to wonderful things during that time too, if we’re willing to seek Him.

  3. Amy Rath July 6, 2009 at 6:58 PM #

    Marnie, I couldn’t agree more. My life has been forever blessed because of my best girlfriend I’ve had for 18 years. She and I share our burdens, our joys, our failures and successes, our hopes and dreams and our disappointments. To have someone I trust my heart and life with means more than I can really articulate. God has been good to me and I pray others will find the same godly girlfriends that I have found with mine….Barbara Benton.

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