Tagging Made Simple

1 Jul

Hey! I am thinking TAGS! We’ve got 180 boxes of new freight in the back door at Soulutions to tag (including lots of great Christmas crafting supplies!), plus I received a question from a Club Member about how to use keyword meta tags when setting up a web page. So, here goes!

Tagging is ALWAYS about making it easy for you to catch up with me in a timely manner – so you can get all the information you need from me right now:

Tags, Meta Tags, Keywords

At Soulutions, we tag items so that customers can easily identify the price. The tags also include important re-ordering information for the department managers. We tag items as they come into the store, so all of us have easy access to the information the entire time.

Tagging web pages is similar. You build tags into the coding at the beginning to support two customers: 1) the person searching for your information and 2) the search engine (who helps them find it). I will briefly outline the most important tagging concepts below. But the key thing to remember is this:

Searchers, and search engines, are looking for
the website pages that “best” match the query.

Your goal is to be sure that you include “keyword tags” that match the words people will use to search for the exact information you provide:

1) Identify all of the words that you would personally use if trying to find your own web site.
2) Find additional terms by taking advantage of the free trial at Word Tracker.
3) Add these words to your meta tag titled “keywords”.
4) Use each meta keyword one to three times in the text of your page. Note: The meta tags are visible only to the search engine spiders, while the actual text is visible to guests. The spiders are programmed to ignore words without textual “support” down in the visible portion of the page.
5) Add “alt text” including keywords to every photo. The running rabbits picture above uses the alt text: Tags, Meta Tags, Keywords
6) Anytime you create a link to another page, use a keyword in the visible text. Here is a sample:

Wrong Right
Click HERE to download Marnie’s interview with Lysa TerKeurst. Click to download Marnie’s interview with Lysa TerKeurst.

Thanks for asking!  I’ll add more if I think of more!

Here is the 2nd fun video I’ve found in my Independence Week Celebration Series.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did:


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