Blog Bashed – Beginning Anew – June 11, 2009

11 Jun

As you may already know, our sites were hit by a virus on Monday, June 8th. Everything seems to be cleaned up, reset and ready to roll except for the internal blog.

Since I depend on the blog (a lot) to communicate shorter messages, I have decided to re-open this former blog until we are able to restore the other one.

Thanks for your patience with the process. Stuff like this reminds us how “out of control” we actually are. I always say, “We are usually about 12 inches away from death or disaster without ever realizing it.”

For some, that may be a morbid thought. But for me, it is a balancing thought because…

No matter how hard I try, I can never do it all, get it all right or protect myself (or others) from the potential traumas out there.

I choose to rest in the arms of God. I love how my online friend, Iris Boswell, put it yesterday, “We weary the enemy w/our rest; we discourage him w/our faith; we demoralize him w/our joy & we depress him w/our endurance!”



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