Airline Travel Tip: Bag Festooning

3 Apr
Dan Ponyter, 2 Million Miler

Dan Ponyter, 2 Million Miler

Dan Poynter flies more than 6,000 miles a week, boards a plane every 2.5 days and is on his 12th round-the-world itinerary in 2 years.  He has flown nearly 2 million miles.  

His #1 tip?  Add unmistakable identification markers to your luggage.

“My carry-on and check bags are festooned with orange ribbons.” The luggage is easier to locate on the cart or carousel and can’t be mistaken for another bag.

The decorations should be both visual and textile: “My bags are even decorated with ribbons on the slide-up handle so they can be felt with the hand.”

Remember, with smaller aircraft, bags are often returned on a cart, planeside.  It is hard to see the bags outside, at night.

If someone grabs your bag in error, he or she will be home or at a hotel before they notice the “bag switch”.Meanwhile you have a meeting or speech at 9 AM and must be well dressed.

BTW: Airlines have “coat switch” rooms for lost and found items.


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