The Secret to Maximum Productivity

16 Mar

Almost every week since 1997, I have taken one 24-hour period as my “sabbath rest”. Usually it’s Sunday, but the day of the week is of little importance: My desire is to truly REST for one day each week.

I figure that if God Almighty needed a weekly Sabbath, then I surely do!

The AM’s are always a battle between my brain and my will, but as I stubbornly take every “work-related” thought captive, my brain gives up by mid-morning, leaving the REST of the day.

If you are not in the habit of taking a day of rest each week, I encourage you to consider joining me and Paula Harris, of Transformed Worldwide Ministries, for an online training segment on The Key to Maximum Productivity, Thursday, April 23rd, from 3-4 PM Central Time.

One note: I believe that I am living supernaturally. In fact, my goal is to be as depended on God as Jesus was while He walked this earth. I pray John 5:30 AMP several times a day and yesterday introduced my latest song to my own church family – All I Want To Do Is Worship You.

This “rest” thing is one of my favorite ways to worship God!


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