Women’s Ministry Guide – FREE!

9 Mar

Are you thinking of starting a Women’s Ministry, or possibly inheriting a broken WM? My great joy is to help you succeed from day one! And, success as a Christian always means, “Doing it God’s way.”

Your journey will be unique to you – but there are guidelines and principles that will serve as a road map, and help you avoid unnecessary stress. Your first step is to read the FREE eBook: Starting a Women’s Ministry. There are loads of books available out there, but this one condenses the basics down into a one-hour read. It’s a 48-page ministry guide which provides a starting point – a brief overview of a complex subject.

Comments from WM Leaders:

Ann Burdine of Victorville, California…
“Truly a God-send! I am starting a women’s ministry from scratch and I got great ideas from you. You encouraged me to stop thinking in a box. I got so fired up when reading! Now I know how to get started. You lifted me up to know that I am on the right track. God bless you!”

Tracy Shadbolt of Swan Hill, Australia…
“Remember me?!!! Ages ago I received your eBook which has encouraged me in my journey to establish the Womens Ministry in our church here in Swan Hill. Australia. I have got the survey out… and have been fascinated with the results. I am praying earnestly about the team God wants to get things moving and He is faithfully raising up women all around. I am so excited!!! So thank you for your encouragement.”

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